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Giving you an insight of historic and modern Liverpool

Property Development

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to develop our business from much more than helping others with the history of Liverpool. We now make a massive difference in the development of Liverpool’s property as we have extended our knowledge to the property market. Get in touch. How We Jumped On The […]

Liverpool’s Politics

Migration For example, the series Migrations and Identities seeks to instigate new research into experiences and portrayals of migration in all fields of the humanities. It seeks to address a wide scholarly audience and develops it into wider debates in modern culture. It publishes practical and theoretical studies by writers in a range of times, […]

Industries Of Liverpool

Over the course of 800 years Liverpool has changed from being a small fishing village to a city with international trading links. During this time many of its industries have come and gone. We provide links to sites that explore the diverse nature of Liverpool’s industrial heritage, click here. Below we will explore what Liverpool’s industries […]

International Liverpool

Liverpool is a city of migration and movement. The modern history of Liverpool begins with the building of the first dock in 1715. From this time onwards Liverpool’s involvement with slave trade grew dramatically; from 1760 onwards Liverpool became the dominant slave trade port. Thus from its early development Liverpool was based on trade that […]