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Property Development

Over the past couple of years, we have been able to develop our business from much more than helping others with the history of Liverpool.

We now make a massive difference in the development of Liverpool’s property as we have extended our knowledge to the property market. Get in touch.

How We Jumped On The Property Market

This was extensively done through branding marketing and we worked with a lot of companies to get the best out of us. 2 of our most successful helps were from Exterion Media and Summit Services.

Exterion Media helped us to plan and put a bus mega rear bus advertisement in place in the North West. Find out more.

Summit Services gave us advice on how to communicate with others, on another level rather than OOH advertising. We used a number of strategies such as social media marketing.

We are now one of the top property developers in Liverpool, thanks to all of our hard work and the work of others.

Our New & Improved Services

Property Finding

Investment property is becoming increasingly hard to source, due to increasing competition from developers and investors in the region.

We have built up a network of private dealers and estate agents over a period of many years; this places us in an ideal position to locate property across a range of niche markets. If you are looking for the perfect property, look no more as Tower Blocks have a solution for you.

Other investors coming into the region, or those who do not have the benefit of our accumulated experience and contacts in the property investment community, will find it difficult to match our capacity for finding the right deal.

Project Management

If building work is required, be it construction, refurbishment or maintenance, we offer a comprehensive project management service that extends from initial survey through to the installation of carpets and other fittings.

We work with around 10 well-established, reliable and reputable builders and can therefore select or invite tenders for tasks ranging from minor repairs to major new-build developments.

Investment Advice

Where to Invest? In recent times, the Liverpool City Centre area has exploded; but the character of the area has also been redefined. For our investment services, click here.

Where are the latest developments planned? What are the new trends that will affect the value of property in Town? Where is the best value property relative to its capital growth prospects?

Contact us for a free consultation.

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